Taking Us To Prayer

A 9-day Novena designed to be a journey of MarriageBuilding that gives a couple the insights and words to take their marriage to God, and thus, allow grace to help change their current reality.
Each day contains “Something to Think About” “Time to Think;” “Taking Us to Prayer;” “Praying the Our Father Together;” and “Couple Sharing.” Check out what others are saying about “Taking Us to Prayer!”

Published in April, 2016, this 64 page “Novena” allows couples to consider a different topic each day:
Day 1 — Hope for the Hopeless
Day 2 — For Better and for Worse
Day 3 — Teach Us to Love
Day 4 — Putting the Pieces Together
Day 5 — We Have a Choice to Make
Day 6 — Which Wolf are We Feeding?
Day 7 — Marriage: A Profound Mystery
Day 8 — Let’s Just Forgive and Forget
Day 9 — Can You Find it in Your Heart?