Ministry Services

One of the most important values of MarriageBuilding/ConstruyendoMatrimonios USA is our mission to the Church and renewal With, In and Through the Sacramental Covenant of Marriage.

MBUSA is available to assist Diocese and Parishes in both English and Spanish by:

  • Helping launch MarriageBuilding Parishes… Parish, Deanery or Diocesan levels. Includes Assessment, strategy planning, and implementation.  We will coach you toward self-sustainability;
  • Conducting DYNAMIC CONFERENCES including  “MarriageBuilding”, “Domestic Church” and “REBUILD After Divorce”; 
  • Presenting POWERFUL SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES for couples including “PASSIONa Retreat (or Parish Mission) for marriages; and To Strengthen & To Sanctify: A Marriage Day of Recollection;
  • CONSULTING Dioceses on Marriage Ministry resources, plans and programs to achieve success in Becoming MarriageBuilding Parish/Church. Fosters involvement of Diocesan Bishop and Offices;
  • Conducting MARRIAGE EDUCATION WORKSHOPS including Mastering the Mysteries of Sacramental Love, Couple Talk, and World Class Marriage or the shorter World Class Communications
  • Leading CLERGY (Priest &/or Deacon) and Parish Staff In-Service DAYS in Becoming a MarriageBuilding Parish/Church. Agenda to include insights, enthusiasm and practical ways to be a MarriageBuilding Parish…and all the benefits found in raising up MarriageBuilding Missionaries for Christ;
  • Making available MATERIALS (in English and Spanish) and Process to CONSECRATE HOMES to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary;
  • Creating or knowledge of INNOVATIVE RESOURCES and Creative Ideas to MarriageBuild in Homes and in Parishes;
  • TRAINING “Boot Camps” with both in person and on-line learning for MarriageBuilding Parish efforts; and
  • Coming in 2016 a National MARRIAGEBUILDING CRUSADE/CRUZADA to be held at large venues across the United States to radically evangelize couples, singles and clergy (now scheduling dates)

Together let’s raise up MarriageBuilding Missionaries in Homes and in Parishes, and restore God’s Plan for Marriage and Family in the most intimate places we live…our hearts, our homes, our Church.

LAUNCHING MarriageBuilding Parishes…


Whether on a Diocesan level working with many parishes at one time, or one parish at a time, MBUSA has the expertise, creativity and resources that can revolutionize how a parish addresses and meets the spiritual and relational needs of marriage and families in the wide variety of situations they find themselves in everyday.

Whether it is establishing MARRIAGECARE so that couples finding themselves in trouble have someone readily available to go to for help to get their marriage back on track, to setting up MARRIAGEBUILDING Sundays that give witness to the value we place on marriage by celebrating the vocation of marriage in worship and community life, MBUSA considers one of its goals to recruit, evangelize, train and empower “MarriageBuilding Missionaries,” as Archbishop Joseph Kurtz calls us, “who are willing to intensify marriage-building efforts in our they are supported, nurtured and challenged by the resources and practices of a Marriage-Building Parish.

A Marriage Building Parish involves a renewed commitment by the Catholic community to those called to homes and in our Parish.”


MBUSA believes that Marriage Building Begins at HOME, and Marriage Building Homes function best when the vocation of married life, and, according to the US Bishops, invites and includes the gifts of many, beginning with married couples themselves.

For this process to be successful, though, a Clergy Day is scheduled at which time those attending are alerted to what will be happening, invited to participate as needed, and reminded that much of the work to become a MarriageBuilding Parish is up to the laity, and not built on the backs of our priests.

The Pastoral Strategy of a Marriage-Building Parish includes the formation of a Parish Team and the application of each of the 8 Building Blocks needed to be a MBP. These Building Blocks give a focused framework that can build and sustain ministry throughout the life cycle.

MarriageBuilding USA comes at the invitation of the local bishop, collaborates with the Diocesan Family Life Office and other Diocesan Agencies who are necessary for the success of this effort; conducts Clergy Days, and assists in the formation of Parish MarriageBuilding Construction Teams. It is also available to conduct various large events that serve to evangelize the laity to their mission as a MarriageBuilding Family and a MarriageBuilding Church.

As an initial part of this effort, MarriageBuilding Rallies are held throughout the Diocese or within the Parish,

  • to address the concerns couples, family members, clergy, parish staff have today regarding the state of marriage and the impact it is having on family life and on the Church;
  • to assess the current parish/diocese responses, or lack there of, in addressing these concerns;
  • to empower participants to take responsibility both as a Domestic Church and a Parish Church, for these responses and begin to implement specific ideas and plans for becoming a MarriageBuilding Home/Parish.

From these Rallies, MarriageBuilding “Missionaries” are called to take on leadership in their Parish to off set their concerns and be pro-active in their reasoned needs. All efforts are grounded in the Gospel.

We believe we can foster a “Marriage Building Revolution” because their is no more important time than NOW to begin BUILDING, REBUILDING and RESTORING God’s original intent when he created us male and female in the Beginning.

BEING, or BECOMING, a Marriage Building Parish represents a MarriageBuilding Movement that is responsive to the needs of marriages and families.

WE PLEDGE our collaboration with all who seek to create a vibrant culture of marriage rooted in God’s plan for the good of humanity.”

US Bishops MARRIAGE: Love & Life in the Divine Plan

Creating a Culture of Marriage must be a stated priority in the parish, and it must be built on the authentic teaching of the Church.  MARRIAGE: Love and Life in the Divine Plan, the Pastoral Letter released in November, 2009, by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, was authored by the Bishops to be a reference point for the solid teaching of the Church on Marriage and a foundation for the many works of evangelization, catechesis, pastoral care, education, and advocacy carried on in our dioceses, parishes, schools, agencies, movements and programs.