Under the mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe as a catalyst of hope and unity, MarriageBuilding/ConstruyendoMatrimonios USA is about dynamic Evangelization through the Gospel as lived in the Sacramental Covenant of Marriage; and robustly raising up Marriage-Building Missionaries devoted to a Culture of Life and a Civilization of Love in their Homes, Parishes, the Church and beyond.


  • To evangelize husbands and wives, singles and clergy, with a life-changing message of hope and unity that strengthens and sanctifies the Sacramental Covenant of Marriage and intensifies the Marriage-Building efforts of the Church;
  • To establish a MarriageBuilding Evangelization Team (MET) that assists in this work of   evangelization with the best English and Hispanic/Latino Marriage  Evangelists able to offer dynamic parish, diocesan and regional events that include retreats, missions, and a  multi-year national Crusade/Cruzada;
  • To assist Diocesan and Parish Staff with a comprehensive strategy that develops lay volunteers and utilizes the 8 Building Blocks of a Marriage-Building Parish in implementing the US Bishops’ National Pastoral Initiative for Marriage;
  • To mobilize, train and equip through on-line and gathered means, both English and Spanish speaking couples and clergy as “Marriage Building Missionaries”, to become witnesses, mentors and leaders in a marriage-building movement in a Marriage-Building Church;
  • To organize a MarriageBuilding Coalition (MBC) of Marriage Ministries, Apostolates, Organizations, Educational Institutions and Publishing Companies to cooperate with the US Conference of Catholic Bishops by developing resources, and by training and empowering couples, singles and clergy to best form, prepare, strengthen, restore, and rebuild marriages and families; and
  • To collaborate with all who seek “to create a vibrant culture of marriage rooted in God’s Plan (MARRIAGE: Love & Life in the Divine Plan, US Conference of Catholic Bishops).”